"The absolute gold standard in helping you maximize the effectiveness of your communication skills across all platforms and audiences. Whether you are a novice or an expert in your chosen field, [this program] can help you maximize the effectiveness of your communication delivery--to the masses, to the board room and everything in between."

—K. Dunn, Vice President Of Corporate Resources
SourceMedical, Birmingham, AL

"I learned practical strategies, how to better identify objectives and nuances that I never knew existed. I was coached in a highly positive and professional way. My business received a huge boost. I felt like I had a secret weapon."

—J. Wexler, Managing Partner
Julia Harris Wexler Consulting, Irvington, NY

"The most interesting and enjoyable training sessions that I have ever attended. My work-team and I listened, learned and applied communication, presentation and negotiation skills that produced truly positive results"

—F. Moseley, Vice President & General Manager
Comcast Cable, Central Valley Area, CA

"Scott is a thunderbolt of energy, ideas and excitement. I have brought him in numerous times and he always delivers."

—B. Scott, President
Integrity Employment Services, Nashville, TN

"The Verbal Dexterity Program has been instrumental in giving our employees a competitive verbal advantage in one-on-one and group interactions. Scott's coaching and experience enabled us to anticipate, communicate, respond and counter in a highly persuasive and effective manner. I highly recommend Scott and his Verbal Dexterity program."

—E. Freesmeier, President
Deepwater Enterprises, St. Louis, MO

"I used to feel somewhat uncomfortable standing in front of a group. Were they even listening to me? Then I worked with Scott. The results were phenomenal. My presentations, speeches and verbal interactions, thanks to Scott, went over so well, I landed a massive contract for my Company and was asked to share the presentation with three other clients. His Verbal ROI concepts and strategies produced real and impressive results."

—J. Kaplan, Executive
Monitor Group, New York, NY

"Scott is a master negotiator and speaker that can explain how to recognize the nuances of interpersonal dynamics and then shape the process to suit your desired outcome. He is a wonderful and entertaining teacher. The lessons and real life examples that he imparted were relevant and interesting and I have utilized his teachings in a variety of situations...and with great success."

—S.Shimer, Partner
JHW Greentree Capital, New Canaan, CT

"Amazingly, I was able to apply some of Scott's tips 15 minutes after I completed the program. Scott is an utterly amazing teacher. Bottom line: his training helped my business succeed."

—C. Mannes, CEO & President
The Clubhouse For Kids, Dallas,TX

"The invaluable techniques and knowledge that I picked up work in almost any situation that I encounter...I use them, with purpose and confidence, every day of my life."

—R. Parisi, Vice President Of Project Management
W.J. Castle Associates, Hainesport, NJ

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