Our Offering

How to Make an Effective Speech/Presentation
The most important skill needed in business today is the one that most lack or are afraid to deal with. All aspects of the speech/presentation dynamic are reviewed and finely honed.

Communication in the Workplace and the Art of Business Speak
Training on the effective use of verbal, non-verbal, oral and written communication at work.

Mastering Perception and Persuasion
Understanding, recognizing and utilizing "perception" and "persuasion" to maximize your performance, role as a leader and to improve your business.

Negotiation for Everyone
Understanding the principles, components and strategies for a successful negotiation can enhance results in and out of the workplace.

Improvisation in the Workplace
Learning the art of improvisation can dramatically improve one's ability to thrive in today's fast-paced and unpredictable business world.

How to Conduct a Better Meeting
Learn how to make meetings more efficient and functional and to avoid the traps that cause most meetings to stray from their intended purpose.

Learning to "Read The Room"
Identifying and understanding subtle cues as well as your audience's demographics & psychographics can provide enhanced leverage, insight and effectiveness.

Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness
A "down & dirty" look at what can make a manager a success or failure.

Individual Verbal Dexterity™ Coaching and Personal Awareness Assessment
A customized program developed specifically to enhance an individual's communication strengths and to eliminate any roadblocks to masterful communication. Each individual's unique communication style is assessed, complemented and developed.

Motivational Speaking
Scott will speak to your employees and motivate, inspire and encourage them to execute and deliver at self-satisfying and personal peak performance levels.

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